Barncast 23 — Heat, vermin, and more heat

Well the barn was hot hot, so we have a rough start. Add onto that the new mixer on loan from Caroline and well things went how they went. Well I won’t complain too much, it is what it is. In this weeks show:

  • Hello to Jon and his pictures.
  • How to connect Electret mics to an XLR balanced input.
  • Vermin control
  • Half Marathon Run
  • Hummingbirds
  • Hoosier Daddy

We really appreciate all feedback about our new audio setup. Enjoy!


  1. John G’s avatar

    I think thems is “varmints”, ifn y’all wants to be pedantic-wise.

    The hum or other noise is usually caused by one of two conditions: 1. improper or insufficient grounding (which is why holding the device can make it go away), or a loose connection, in which case you need to check EVERY connection and solder joint; 2. improper polarity of a connection.

    Why don’t you post a pic of your set-up? I think we’d all be interested.

  2. Liza NYC’s avatar

    Dear Misty and Andrew,

    Today I took an all-day workshop for librarians on the uses of podcasts in library settings. Later, in the afternoon, we actually created small casts of our own. So, what do librarians talk about when they have lunch during a break? Geek Farm Life, that’s what. A colleague told me he is just learning about ipods, etc. so I let him play with mine. He got VERY excited about your podcast when I described it as he and his partner, even though they live in the Borough of Queens, are fascinated by farming. He loved the little bit he heard of your latest casts and was rushing home to stream your archives on his computer.

    So, you see how you bridge all kinds of bridges by your charming, yet edgy, cast. Many thanks for all your work — it’s really very important.

  3. misty’s avatar

    That’s awesome feedback, Liza! Thanks so much for sharing us with others. I’m very pleased that your colleague liked our podcast. Even more cool is that you are teaching others about podcasting in general. What an empowering medium of expression!

  4. andrew’s avatar

    Thank you very much Liza. That’s really cool to hear how it goes over out in the “real world”.

    It’s kind of weird, I got the mic to speak at Podcasters Across Borders conferance and was “omg there’s people listening” but talking on the podcast is easy, sometimes you forget there’s really people out there. Thank you for sharing the podcast, and the feedback!

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