Barncast 22 — A hay ride that never ends

We’re back in the new redecorated barn. Come see what’s changed. This weeks topics:

We really do need some input on what mixer to buy. We’re thinking about this one: UBB1002. So please don’t delay, send us some comments, either here or to The show depends on it, and I’m not kidding! :) You can also leave us feedback at 206-338-5944.


  1. John G’s avatar

    Your sound as it is has good stereo and sound quality. Plus, it sounds like your current setup has the virtue of simplicity and going your route will require not only the mixer, but also having the computer with you. If anything, I would have a line up of your bumpers on another mp3 player that you could jack into your iRiver, but you wouldn’t have the fades.

    I wouldn’t mess with your current setup.

  2. Kathy’s avatar

    LOL thanks for the roll in the hey tip! ;-) The bit at the drive-in was great! It’s like we were all on a date, although you could have shared the pizza.


  3. misty’s avatar

    Kathy, we definitely SHOULD have shared the pizza. It’s tough to get it across all the tubes in the internet, ya know!?

    John, I don’t think our sound will change much with a mixer. The main thing is to be able to do all the music and bumpers live, to save on post-production time. Neither of us really wants to drag a computer out to the barn either, so that’s out of the question for now. :)

  4. Andy Bilodeau’s avatar

    Hey Guys,

    I sure picked a great show to be my first dose of Geek Farm Life. It takes me back to my days as a hired hand on a friend’s farm when I was in high school. A lot of useful and well presented. Have you thought about contacting 4-H and having them get the JR farmers to listen to your podcast? It’s the perfect mix of high tech and, don’t take this the wrong way, but low tech. Although there is “tech” in farming, the entire concept of farming is about as back to the basics and nature and all that tree hugger stuff.

    As for your quest to live recorded shows from the campfire, I guess I don’t see the issue. If you can’t get in all the bumpers and music, that’s ok. I think the crackle of the fire and the crickets (and flies on the mics) would be much more entertaining….just my opinion…

    Andrew (aka Misty…I listen to Zee and Zed too) if was very nice meeting you at PAB. Next time you are required to bring Misty.

    Excellent podcast!

  5. Ellen Bloomfield’s avatar

    Was it just me, or did anyone else shake their head whenever the fly would buzz the microphone? I was listening to it wearing headphones and it really sounded like there was a fly near my ear :) And the drive in segment was a hoot!!!!

  6. andrew’s avatar

    Hey (hay?) Ellen! I’m glad you enjoyed the drive-in segment. It’s really something that I guess doesn’t exist in many places anymore. We should go more often, we just get home soooo late, and chores are soooo early.

  7. Ellen Bloomfield’s avatar

    I remember the days where my parents would take us to Center-Brook down near Martinsville, IN (which may still be open). I think I saw most of the Disney movies there

    Okay who is the geocacher?

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