Episode 21 — Back to the barn!

This weeks adventure comes to you from the barn podcasting on Canada day. We’re both in town this week so it’s a couplecast again. This weeks topics:

  • Feedback from John M and John G.
  • Audio comment from Bruce Murray of the Zedcast.
  • Talk about PAB2006, and riding a Honda Shadow VLX 800 miles
  • Canadian Podcast Buffet will be playing audio from the seminars.
  • New bumper!
  • Garden status
  • Rabbit update
  • Fireworks gone wild

Please send us feedback, audio comments to gfl@three-elms.com. You can leave us voice mail at: 206-338-5944. We really want to do new bumpers and would love to have your help. Please send us audio, or leave a message and we’ll try our best to use it.

  1. andrew’s avatar

    Heya Scarborough dude!

    Great to hear you like the show! I think it’s easier out in the country, other than take care of animals there’s not much else to do other than relax, unless you want to drive a hour.

    We do get some excitement like finding a stolen car crashed into a tree of ours last week, but that’s about it. But that’s about it in 3 years. Not sure I could take more than that. :)


  2. John G’s avatar

    The real key about the delivery of bad news is “DON’T BLAME THE MESSENGER!”

    As a guy, I would rather have the news up front, right as I come in the door, maybe with a preface of “Oh, honey, it is good to see you but I have a problem that I can’t figure out.” Guys like to solve problems for their women. A guy would like to hear what you attempted to solve the problem before abandoning it.

    Conversely, I imagine (but do not know) that a woman would like a little time to relax and to be buttered up (kinda like foreplay) before dropping the bad news. A woman, I imagine, would like to know that the attack on the problem didn’t create a mess.

    I think this is a Venus v Mars kinda thing. So Andrew, it sounds like Misty did what she could to mitigate the potential disaster, but Misty should understand that if the ‘fridge is on the fritz, the worst thing to do is open the doors unless you are applying ice immediately, A full ‘fridge is more efficient at staying cool than a lesser filled ‘fridge.

    Glad you had fun at PAB!



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