Barncast 19 — The revenge of the wind

This weeks podcast is done from the back porch. We have a new guest, the wind and he can be pretty annoying. Oh well! The change is venues is little refreshing.

This weeks topics:

  • Since you asked
  • Trying to get rid of internet access
  • Farm update
  • Garden and trees
  • Crazy Cuisine: Rabbit liver

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  1. Fritz’s avatar


    I’ve been listening for two whole episodes. And I’m extremely impressed AND jealous that two city mice packed up and went to go farm. I come from a farming background (ND) and went to college in Nebraska, but I’m really a suburbanite of the worst kind–ick.

    Anyways, this question has nagged me since I was six.

    The eggs I buy at the store: are those fertilized chicken eggs? If not, what ARE they? And do I want to know? And if they ARE fertilized, can I park them under a heat lamp and hope for a chick?

    All right. That’s it. Appreciate the recipe on pate…but I have to admit, I probably won’t be frying any kind of gizzards up anytime soon!


  2. misty’s avatar

    Hi Fritz!

    As far as I know, supermarket eggs should not be fertilized. Hens lay eggs whether there is a rooster involved or not. Plus, the eggs have been in refrigeration, so any chances of getting checks out of them are gone.

    Maybe Andrew can speak to whether there is any nutritional value to fertilized eggs vs. unfertilized. I know that in some parts of the world, eating eggs containing partially-developed chicks is a real delicacy. Ick!


  3. Scott’s avatar

    I tried this before LOL it doesn’t work…. :)

    And talking about egg’s I prefer the brown egg’s over the white ones. I can tell the taste difference between them too. The white eggs have a thin shell and the brown ones, which come from a local farm, are very thick and take a extra whack to crack them open.

    All I can say is if you guy’s ever need a farm hand I am soooo willing to move in a heart beat !!

    Now on to my sister, pet scan didn’t show any cancer other then in her breast. All other tests & blood work up showed normal liver,etc. Lungs and heart are OK.

    Dr. wants to treat her every day with a lower dose of chemo by mouth & a injection once a week for 15 weeks. Then another similar type of treatment for another 12 weeks.. Dr. said this kind of treatment has been very successful in reducing the tumor or totally eliminating it.

    She will have a stint put under her skin next week for the injections and the treatment should start the following week.

    So we are all hoping this will work and kill the cancer.

    Sorry if this bummed anyone out.



  4. Fritz’s avatar

    Thank you! That’s kind of what I figured, and it’s no wonder my dad doesn’t like eating them, as they are obviously the shedding of unused eggs and pretty much chicken menstruation.

    When you look at it like that, you get a little concerned.

    Now: half formed chicks: in places like Tunisia they throw a half formed egg into a dish of chick peas, chili pepper, rice and whitefish.

    Mmmmm. chick. it’s what’s for dinner.
    Thanks for the response!



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