Barncast 18 — Maaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Well it gets off to a rough start, but we finally get going! The goat kids and yelling up a storm this Sunday afternoon, we weren’t sure why. Maybe it was just to close to feeding time??? Who knows, anyways, in this weeks show:

  • Hi to Scott!
  • New internet connection, again.
  • Ajax
  • Farm round up
  • Hay
  • Turkeys!
  • Drugs
  • Fiber mill
  • A Prairie Home Companion

I hope everyone enjoys! We appreciate all feedback, email to or voice comments to: 206-338-5944.

  1. John G’s avatar

    We saw APHC Sunday and the theatre was completely full. You can read my review at;start=10

    In a nutshell, we loved it (except for Lindsay Lohan) but Sue Scott should have had a bigger role.

    I use 6′ wire fencing for my tomatoes, and tie the plants up as they grow. Let me know if you want a pic of my setup. I’ve got about 80 tomatoes of various varieties and 70 pepper plants, then replant with legumes in fall and spring.


  2. John G’s avatar

    Some name ideas for your “recording studio”–maybe a poll question?:
    Haybale Studio
    Loud Goat Studio
    DigiGoat Surround Studio
    Tip-a-Canoe Studio
    Two Cans and a String Studio

    Don’t miss the PBS show “The Real Dirt on Farmer John (Peterson) this week.

    Also, good luck to the Oilers tonight in Game 4 of the Stanley Cup finals. Did you know Wayne Gretzky played for the Indianapolis Racers of the old WHA in his 1st year as a pro?


  3. andrew’s avatar

    Hey good idea John G! I’d love to see your pics! No clue he played in Indy, that’s interesting.

    Ross: That’s really cool. I wish I knew someone famous. :( Wow, you’re right it is a small world.


  4. Paige Conley’s avatar

    Hey you guys, LOVE your podcast! Misty, I’m a native Atlantan. What part of GA are you from?

    Your whole show is great, but I especially love the farm part. I’m so envious, I would love to have a small hobby farm. (Sigh) Maybe someday. In the meantime keep it coming.

    What do you like the most about farm life, and what do you like the least?



    PS Misty, I have been dying some wool lately myself. I started with kool-aid and moved up to food coloring. Have you tried it yet? The colors are much more intense. See you.


  5. Rachel’s avatar

    I love your podcast, especially hearing about the goats and the sheep. I hope (one day) to have them, and it’s great to hear about your experiences in the meanwhile. Thanks!


  6. andrew’s avatar

    Hey Rachel!

    I’m glad you enjoy the podcast!!! The goats and sheep and great fun, I hope you can get some. :)


  7. misty’s avatar

    Thanks for the scoop on Garrison’s family, Ross! How cool that you actually know them. :) Do you guys listen to APHC?

    I hope you talk some more about your band and your music on your podcast. It fascinates me that you were actually in a band that toured and stuff!

    Love the studio names, John. Thanks for the suggestions. We liked APHC too, but I felt like it made fun of Garrison a little more than he deserved. I thought Meryl Streep was excellent.

    Paige, I grew up in Canton, which is about an hour north of Atlanta. It used to be a pretty small place, though it’s growing so much you can hardly recognize it now. My mom showed me where my elementary school used to be — they tore it down and they’re building a new one. Too weird! Also there are now subdivisions EVERYWHERE! I have not tried any dyeing except Kool-Aid. I’ve got some natural dyes but have not had the chance to try them out yet.

    Rachel, the sheep and goats are a lot of fun. If you ever get the chance to visit a small farm like ours, you should take the opportunity. It’s a totally different feel than a huge commercial operation. Goats, especially, are very friendly and easy-going. The sheep are more flighty, but I think some of that goes away with time and training.


  8. Ross’s avatar

    Have to be honest, don’t listen to APHC. Not sure why, but I don’t. Now with podcasting I’m sure I never will unless they’re released on a podcast. Never read any of the books either. Perhaps I should make a point to read one of his books next.

    Most of the stories related to our band aren’t tame enough to tell on our podcast. I think I may have told one that was early on and it felt a little self-congratulatory. We did play one song by our band, a cover of a Supersuckers song called “Marie”. It was on show #21, we played the original on show #22.

    Oh, and by touring…we played around but I wouldn’t say we did any bonafide touring. A few hours drive here, a few hours there but nothing too exhausting. Early on (even though we were in our early 20s) we got sick of sleeping on stranger’s floors.

    Funnily enough, I remember one of the first shows we played out of town was in Duluth, MN and Jason and his former girlfriend, a friend of mine, came to see us play. I think his dad was speaking in Duluth that weekend or doing the show there, I can’t remember the details. All I really remember was that they had a nice hotel they were going to after the show and the 3 of us had to cram in a pick-up truck after loading up the gear and enjoying ourselves a little too much, drive 20 miles out of town to stay with another friend, and get next-to-no sleep because everyone was partying all night long at this house. I woke up in the middle of the night on the floor next to another guy and the CD player was on repeat playing the Bob Seger song “Mainstreet” for what seemed like an eternity. Eventually we woke up and turned it off, got some rotgut breakfast, and drove back to Minneapolis for 3 hours and hungover. It made touring seem very unappealing.




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