Barncast 16 — Grunt grunt, what file?

Well, Misty’s out of town this week so we tried to record another double ender. Except it didn’t work, so you get the audio from my end instead. Which means it sounds like Misty’s in a tin can. This weeks podcast covers:

  • Misty’s travels
  • Internet access on the road and at home
  • How not to move the portable fencing
  • Chores alone
  • Misty’s afghan. It’s done after 1.5 years!
  • Send us feed back!

I hope everyone enjoys the show. As Dave from Chub Creak pointed out to me, we made the top page of the podcast section at yahoo. I don’t know how long it’ll be up, but check it out. Interestingly enough it hasn’t really changed the download stats. I dunno if that says anything about us and our listeners, or more about yahoo?

I hope everyone has a good week. Next week Misty will be back and we’ll have a more normal podcast, but maybe we’ll have it outside? What did you think?


  1. BertaB’s avatar

    I just got caught up all the way on your podcasts and wanted to say COOL!!! If you guys ever want to go on vacation together I would love to be your farmhand for a week. Seriously, give me six months notice and I could do it I think. You two are so awesome.

  2. Scott’s avatar

    Sorry I haven’t had time to listen lately. I found out one of my sister’s has breast cancer and our family has been ina bit of mess about it.

    Hope to be back soon to harass and comment here…

  3. misty’s avatar

    Oh Scott, that’s horrible news! :( You will be in our thoughts and we’ll mention your family in our podcast this week so that our other listeners can be aware as well. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

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