Barncast 15 — The Grumpycast

Well maybe you can tell, Misty and I recorded the podcast late Saturday night after we both had a long day so we’re a tad bit grumpy with each other. Oh well, that’s life. So no guessing about where the title came from. :)

A late arrival was the new bumper from Mark at Hoosier Geeks. I have to work in some background music, but we couldn’t stop laughing when we heard them.

In this weeks episode:

  • Hello to John
  • New Internet connection progress
  • Focus on pigs
  • Animal news
  • Misty’s afghan she’s knitting
  • Fiber festival
  • Garden update

I hope everyone enjoys it. As always we appreciate any and all feed back. Either as comments on this entry, though the contact form, or emailed to

  1. Karen’s avatar

    Sorry to laugh, but you two sound like you could go a couple of rounds with one another. It was still an interesting show ;) Glad Ross and I aren’t the only ones who get grumpy sometimes, haha.


  2. andrew’s avatar

    I’m glad you enjoyed it Karen. ;) I don’t think we should start recording a show 30mins after our normal bedtime, after we’ve both had a long day. heheh. :) At least we didn’t have our mom scowling at us. ;)


  3. Matt’s avatar

    What I like about podcasts is that people are real and we have good days and sometimes we are tired – but its real life. Podcasts are a bit of an antidote to the ever perky mainstream media we get served up – so I didn’t mind one bit.

    I thought it was a great show. I am following the progress on the wireless internet with interest – but then I am a closet geek (purely amateur status though).



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