Barncast 14 — Snort weez weez snort

Wow it’s been a week of change on the farm this week. Almost everyone speaks up on the podcast this week, including Cleo who bellows through the entire episode. =) Topics we cover:





Update 2: A section of the podcast was dropped because we forgot to ask permission before including it.

  1. John G’s avatar


    I cringed when you said you would pour the skim milk down the drain after the separation. You can make ricotta with it! Just bring the milk to about 110 F, add a rennet tablet, a teaspoon of citric acid, hold it at that temp for an hour, then strain through cheesecloth. The whey, then, should be put on the garden or fed to the pigs.

    Love the show!


  2. misty’s avatar

    We do make ricotta. :) But there is only so much cheese you need! Andrew should take a pic of our cheese fridge. Also limited space in the fridge and freezer.


  3. andrew’s avatar

    Thanks for the idea John. I’m not a big fan of cheese made with skim milk. I’ll have to try that cheese, it sounds interesting.



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