Barncast 13 — The rough cut

This weeks episode is a little different. Instead of going through the entire episode taking out 20 minutes worth of audio out I didn’t do any real editing at all. I just mixed in the audio clips and everything else is raw from the barn. In reality I ran out of time to edit it much, but I also thought it would be interesting to see what the feedback was like. If you like it, or if you don’t, let us know. Do you want more like this? More edited? Can you tell the difference? Is it too long?

There’s also a second audio file, I hope it doesn’t show up in the RSS feed. It’s a super compressed (11.025khz, mono, 16kbit/sec), aka low quality, for our listeners on dialup. It’s only 6.3megs vs 26megs for almost the entire hour long podcast. If you like it, or find it useful let us know!

This weeks show:

  • Hello to all our friends who got in touch. If we miss pronounced your name, we’re sorry.
  • Misty mixes up Ross from Zee and Zed with scary Matt
  • New Internet connection, we hope
  • Caroline asks about goats, and we spout forth much wisdom. *cough* Or we spout forth something… We review a lot of dairy goat information.
  • Poo update
  • Garden update
  • Podcasters Across Boarders

We spend 58 minutes talking about that!


  1. Carolyn from Rural radio’s avatar

    Thanks for the low quality dial up….yes the quality is noticeably lower but so much appreciated in the respect of being able to listen to the podcast instantaneously!!! Yay! Just listening to it now- great!

  2. andrew’s avatar

    You’re welcome Carolyn! I’m glad to hear it helped out. :)

  3. Ross’s avatar

    Hey…I’ll take it wherever I can get it…


  4. misty’s avatar

    Andrew pointed out that it wasn’t you, but Frappr Matt! I am so embarrassed!

    Now you have to share YOUR picture, Ross!

  5. Ross’s avatar

    Here is the only picture of me in existence from a Podcast Pickle forum posting.

    We’ll miss you in Kingston.


  6. Scott’s avatar

    Nice long and soothing barncast :) Thanks !

  7. Kathy’s avatar

    There is a HUGE difference between Illinois and Indiana, but you’re from Canada so I can’t tell you about it. :-P


  8. andrew’s avatar

    Haha, thanks Kathy! I hope everything goes well this week.

  9. Kurt’s avatar

    Didn’t see a number for audio feedback so……….
    Really enjoyed the unedited version – lots of fun and very human :)
    Thanks for letting me live my farm life vicariously through you two – currently living downtown in the capital city of Michigan so not a lot of animals, fiber or otherwise, except for the three dogs
    Vegetarian but manage to make it through certain parts of your podcast without too much trouble – have never fast-forwarded anyway

  10. andrew’s avatar

    Hey Kurt!! I guess we should sign up for one of those free voice mail services, good point!! :) Duh. ;)

    I’m glad you liked the unedited version, it’s more real I think.

    When we come to fall and closer to butchering time Misty had the idea to insert a “Caution, skip ahead to avoid details that may make some queasy.” Does that sound like a good idea?

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