Barncast 12 Ummm, everyone belongs in a horseshoe!

The rooster is awake! You can’t miss him, we recorded the podcast Sunday morning so he’s up and about showing us his stuff. The week we cover:

Make sure to visit the fence image gallery up top, an image can really say a thousand words.

  1. Angel’s avatar

    Hi, just wanted to let ya’ll know I really like your show. I love hearing all the animals in the barn, especially the new rooster. I also like hearing about Indiana. I live in Kalamazoo MI. about an hour from South Bend.


  2. andrew’s avatar

    Hey Angel!

    I know where Kalamazoo is! :) We’ve driven around it several times, and I’ve flown past as I head towards to Beaver Island.

    Thank you for your comments!! :)



  3. Scott Grayban’s avatar

    I knew the “barncasts” would go over good :) It gives the podcast a real home grown feeling. Glad your getting more listener’s. And as always enjoyed the barncast.


  4. Karen’s avatar

    I absolutely loved the rooster! Glad he overcame his stage fright to make an appearance.



  5. andrew’s avatar

    Hey Karen! Maybe we’ll have to keep him awake at night when we normally do the podcast. ;)

    Thank Scott, I agree with you about the barn in the background. It makes it more real perhaps, I dunno. :) It’s fun anyways.

    Misty was very skeptical at first if anyone would listen to us blabber on about our farm. I guess that’s where some of the surprise comes from. I guess when you get enough people online you’ll find some who are interested, no matter how small the percentage is. :)


  6. Wendy’s avatar

    You have lambs! *squee*

    It’s early winter here (NZ) and there won’t be lambs for months. I’m envious..

    Love the show. Awesome.


  7. andrew’s avatar

    Hey Wendy!

    We’ve jealous that you live in NZ! So I guess fair is fair. :)



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