Barncast 11 — Revenge of Icky Sticky Naugahyde — Try #2

Number 11 is up! Run time is closer to our goal of 30 mins. I was down to 32 minutes, but then I mixed in a 10 minute sound seeing tour while we mucked out a pen. Oh well, I hope everyone enjoys it. This weeks show:

  • Misty complains about Firefox 1.5
  • Focus on goats
  • Sound Seeing: Pen cleaning
  • New animal!
  • Animal update
  • Pig Update
  • Pantry problems
  • Pomfret cooking
  • Thanks to a lot of podcasts

Podcasts’s mentioned in this weeks show: Polarbear Podcast, Viva Podcast, DownShift Me, Rural Radio

I hope I didn’t miss anyone!

Update: Sorry anyone who downloaded the show Monday morning. I put the wrong URL for the show in so you got show #10. I’m sorry!!!


  1. Mira’s avatar

    Coming from the state of origin I can share that Naugahyde is made by skinning and harvesting Naugas. Found only in Naugatuck, CT. Just thought you might like to know. :-)

  2. Mira’s avatar

    Sorry forgot the link As is says, Naugas are little chameleon creatures…sorry, apparently they aren’t harvested, they willingly shed their skins…didn’t know that. :-)

  3. andrew’s avatar

    Hey Mira! Welcome!

    Awww, you wouldn’t want to hurt the poor little Nauga would you?? Thank goodness it’s Cruelty Free ® ;)

    Hey another rhubarb person! I love the site you have listed in your website. I love the crop, it’s almost impossible to kill which is important for me. :)

  4. mira’s avatar

    Hi Andrew,

    Isn’t rhubarb great? It’s a very versatile vegetable. Even better, it freezes well when you have an overabundance of rhubarb and cannot bear another afternoon canning the stuff in the kitchen.

    There’s even a winery in my town that makes rhubarb wine. It’s very tasty, especially as a mimosa type drink.

  5. misty’s avatar

    Mira, that is hilarious about the naugas! Poor little critters.

    I never thought of canning rhubarb. We make jam with it, and one year we canned a bunch of the juice. We found that it goes really well with Sprite and orange juice to make a punch. It would probably go well in champagne too — what doesn’t?! (speaking of mimosas)

    I’d love to learn to make wine. I’m not sure where we can find the time though!

  6. Amy’s avatar

    Recently found your podcast-I love it! I like the farm section the best. I have a rendang recipe on my blog that you can use goat with. (Not that I have…)

  7. Matt’s avatar

    Hi guys,

    Great show and thanks for the mention. You are quite right Misty, we would love to have goats too.

    First year we want to concentrate on crops in Nova Scotia as we get used to the climate and then we will consider getting some animals. I think we will miss having chickens as we have had them for a couple of years in the UK now.

    Its great following your work with the animals – especially when the animals join in.


  8. andrew’s avatar

    Hey Mira! Growing up my Dad used to freeze rhubarb so we had it all year. We also “stewed” them and used it as a toping to ice cream. It’s pretty good really.

    Amy! Welcome! I’ll check out the recipe, maybe it’ll become the Crazy Cuisine section some time soon. :)

    Hey Matt!! I’m glad you like the podcast. :)

    Thanks every! We really do appreciate all the comments, feedback, etc.


  9. Scott Grayban’s avatar

    Hey guys !! Check your email. There is a gift for you there.

    Great show as always :)


  10. andrew’s avatar

    Holly Cow Scott thank you!!! :) I really appreciate that, that’s cool. :) :)

  11. andrew’s avatar

    Ok, it’s up,

    Thank you so much Scott, that’s really cool. :)

  12. Judy H in NC’s avatar

    Listened to you for the first time yesterday as I was out in my garden taking care of a ton of tomatoes.

    Couple of comments….if I was much, much closer I would muck out stalls for you. In my before marriage/children days and was horseback riding, I helped a friend muck out stalls on the weekends. Lost about 50 pounds that way!

    Second…I really enjoy how you don’t down play or ignore the fact that your animals are there for a reason, produce a good (wool/milk) or meat. I think too many people get a rose-colored glasses view about farmlife and think their meat just appears on styrofoam trays in the store.

    Keep up the great job and I’ll be listening to you with my tomatoes!

  13. Carolyn from Rural radio’s avatar

    Really enjoyed the podcast but it only went up to 26 mins and then stopped…..

    What am I doing wrong?

    It looks like everyone else above listened to the full podcast so am presuming that its all there somewhere

    Andrew & Misty please help!! :)

    Carolyn xx

  14. andrew’s avatar

    Hey Carolyn!

    Hmm, well I’ll need a bit more information first.

    How are you listening to the podcast? In an mp3 player, via the web page or some other way?

    If you downloaded the mp3 file to your machine or your mp3 player can you tell me how big the file is?


  15. Carolyn from Rural radio’s avatar

    I just clicked on listen to play it directly streamed from your website- the cursor on the slide moved to the end which was about 26 mins then stopped and returned to the beginning

  16. andrew’s avatar

    Hey Caroline,

    It must be the flash program screwing up and not downloading the entire audio file. You’re on dialup aren’t you? Misty came up with a great idea. I wonder if a great number than normal of our listeners are on dialup and the large files would suck there. I can compress them even further, at the loss of some audio, and make a special dialup low bandwidth version. Anyways, that doesn’t help at the moment.

    Instead of using the player on the page you might want to try the download the mp3 and play it locally. If the connection is broken then you can restart the download were you left off.

    Does that help?

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