Episode 10 — Revenge of the Barncast

Yay! We made it to the double digits. This weeks show is way way too long. We’re just trying to cram too much stuff in. Not only were we tired recording it, but it was much too long to edit. Even if there wasn’t much editing. =) Expect next weeks show to be back to 30mins.

In this weeks barncast we cover:

  • Taxes due!!
  • Wedding anniversary, sort of.
  • Failed cookout recording
  • New poll software
  • Spinning Cotton
  • Our front lawn as a pasture
  • Animal vaccinations and hoof trimming. CD&T == Tetanus
  • Still waiting on one sheep
  • Lamb name revealed!
  • Focus on Ducks. Storey’s book.
  • We answer the Hoosier Geeks, why did we leave the city?
  • Podcast of the week: Fibercast
  • Crazy Cuisine: Making sausage

We appreciate all comments and feedback. If you want to email us please do so at: gfl@three-elms.com. Hope you enjoy the show!

Update: Here’s a link to the sausage recipe: http://www.wwf5.com/stuffers.com/content/recipes/sausrecp.pdf

  1. Kathy’s avatar

    Wait…you guys, I thought if you lived in Indiana and had a podcast you had to have this theme? No? You mean it’s not a rule?

    OMG, LOL…I LOVED your theme when I saw it. Good clean crisp lines, great use of space, well organized (I’ve watched too many episodes of Trading Spaces). But, alas, just the other day I was nagging …umm …err …mentioning to Mark that maybe it was time to change again. We’ve been struggling to find one that is really “us”. There are plenty we like, but finding the right fit has been tough so I figure it’s sort of like trying on clothes, keep changing until the perfect one comes along. When we change again you’ll have to let us know what you think. And you can’t be bias just because you were our first copy. ;-) LOL

    Thanks for answering our question. Sounds like the move to Indiana was a good one for you both!

    the crazy half of Hoosiergeeks


  2. misty’s avatar

    Aww, we were just playin’!

    Hey, I listened to episode #1 of your podcast, and I was laughing so hard I could barely run! Did you follow up on the lady with the head? You said she was supposed to go to trial sometime in March — I wanna hear more!

    And let me know if you would like any help / feedback on the theme thing. I’ve gotten really fascinated with WordPress and themes. The theme here is pretty much the stock “Blue Horizon” theme with a different header graphic. If you want to see my forays into theming, check out my two (yes two) other blogs:
    The Soap Shop at this site
    Healthnut Wannabe


  3. andrew’s avatar

    Heya Kathy!

    I like you new theme, it looks good! This one is too narrow for me, but maybe that’s ok for a podcast because the show notes and kind of thin and skinny.

    Episode #10 of the Hoosier Geeks was great. Everyone at work looked at my funny when I cracked up about the 10 inches joke Mark made. Guy humour. ;)


  4. andrew’s avatar

    Sorry if people have been having trouble with our itunes feed. podpress which is the software that helps us out has been flipping out and putting invalid code in. Hopefully it’s fixed now.


  5. NCN’s avatar

    Hi! I just found your podcast, and it is awesome. I grew up in south Georgia, so I am familiar with rural life. I have listened to episodes 1-5 and have downloaded the others. The back-and-forth between you two is awesome. I mentioned your podcast during my podcast (ncnpodcast.com) and I put a link up. Great stuff. (My podcast deals with personal finance, getting out of debt, and frugal living…check it out if you have a spare minute.)
    Thanks again for the great work,
    NCN (No Credit Needed)


  6. andrew’s avatar

    Hey NCN!

    Welcome! Thank you very much for the mention, I’ll take a listen tomorrow. It really like the idea, living without debt is something I strive for. It makes so many things easier, and cheaper. That said, I couldn’t avoid the mortgage to buy our place. Oh well!

    I’m glad you like the back and forth!!


  7. Karen’s avatar

    Great show you two! I think you’re on to something with the wine drinking ;) I really enjoyed the chemistry between the two of you.

    And yes, Ross and I are still “here”, haha.

    Looking forward to the next episode.



  8. misty’s avatar

    Hi Karen! Glad you enjoyed it. When do we get another Zee & Zed??

    Damn I was tired during that podcast. I’m glad you liked it — I was turning into a pumpkin.


  9. Phl’s avatar

    I just love your podcasts but can’t find a link to email you on your site? Great stuff keep it up! Oh and you are featured on ACL this week!


  10. misty’s avatar

    Hi PHL! I’m so glad you pointed that out. You can always get ahold of us at gfl@three-elms.com. I will see what we can do about putting a contact form on the website. And thanks for the heads-up about ACL!


  11. Phil’s avatar

    Oh an I missed out the “I” it should be Phil! my fault Sorry!


  12. andrew’s avatar

    Hey Phil! Just wanted to say welcome! I’m glad you liked the podcast! Rural Radio/ACL is a very cool site. You’re right we need a contact page. I think Misty volunteered so expect one soon. :)


  13. Scott Grayban’s avatar

    OMG !! Congrats…… Sorry I’m so behind here on listening but when busy working on CastPodder and college.

    Misty will like the next version of it. Has some neat new stuff.

    Anyways congrats….



  14. Tara’s avatar

    I am enjoying your podcast so much. It is interesting since I am listening to the current and the early episodes at the same time. To a “city” girl with some a life long enjoyment of basic living & gardening I wonder – how did come to an acceptance of butchering. I admire your ability to raise your own animals and eat them and I am wondering what advise you could offer on that transition. Did you have that problem of seeing the animal as a pet? Hope that makes sense….Thanks again – we are enjoying all your information SO much. Frisco, Texas


  15. misty’s avatar

    Hi Tara!

    To be honest I had a lot of trouble with the butchering at first (I’m still not as comfortable with it as I probably should be) so Andrew handles most of it. I don’t think either of us really ever saw the livestock as pets. The ones that are pets get names — the others do not. We consider the longer-term animals like the milking does, bucks, adult ewes, as pets … sort-of. We both realize that when any of them stops serving its purpose, they may have to be butchered as well.

    Maybe it helps that we have our own pets (two dogs, three cats, two guinea pigs). Or maybe it’s just something you have to be realistic about. I think it is part of truthfulness to oneself to acknowledge that the food you eat was once alive. Some people decide it means they shouldn’t eat meat. Others (like us) are grateful to the animals for providing us with food.

    I think ultimately it is something that each individual has to work through. If you really can’t work through it, you may want to think twice about raising meat animals. I hope that helps!



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