Episode 9

Barncast number 9 is up! “Podcasting from the barn at three-elms farm, with two tons of hay strapped to our asses…” Heh, nah.

This week is a fun show, it’s done in daylight! We talk about daylight savings time even more, man when are we going to ever get off this topic? Maybe that’s why this show weighs in at 42 minutes!!! Holly cow, err goat. We also talk about:

  • Misty’s work on he soap blog
  • Hay status
  • Lamb and kid update
  • Focus on an animals: Sheep
  • Goat’s due dates
  • BMW accident update
  • “Hoosier Daddy”
  • Podcast of the week: Hoosier Geeks
  • Crazy Cuisine: Lamb Burgers

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  1. Kathy’s avatar

    I had to LOL at “like clowns from a volkswagen”. I don’t think it was mean… just clever literary license. It certainly painted a clear vivid picture!

    I have no idea where spencer county is in Indiana. I’ll ask Mark and see if we can find it.

    Thanks guys!
    the better half of Hoosiergeeks ;-)

  2. andrew’s avatar

    Hey Kathy! Err I mean the better half. ;)

    The picture was certainly apt! Hey where’s episode #9????

  3. misty’s avatar

    Hi Kathy! I’m glad you enjoyed the podcast. :)

  4. Scott Grayban’s avatar

    Aww the rabbits are so cute.

    Your barn is really old and it does look Amish. They didn’t build for its looks but functionality.

    Good podcast…


  5. andrew’s avatar

    Hey Scott!!

    Yeah, we’ve always assumed it was Amish built. Looks aren’t everything, and a coat of paint would make a huge difference.

    In Castpodder would there be anyway to give us the option to limit what type of enclosures are downloaded based on the mime type? Or perhaps exclude certain mime types? (really cool would be mime type with globbing) Recently there’s been more and more people including video’s in their main stream, and I really don’t need to be downloading 80meg video’s that I can’t play.

  6. Carry’s avatar

    Misty & Andrew,
    I have a very portable electric fence that I use for moving the sheep around. I picked it up at Maryland Sheep & Wool festival last year. It makes ‘mowing’ the front yarn a lot easier and the sheep will fertilize at the same time ;->
    I can’t remember the name but I do remember the face. If you can wait ?til early May, I will get their info for you.
    Thanks for the mention,
    Carry AKA Autumn Breeze
    (KnitWit: Rantings of a Rabid Knitter)

  7. andrew’s avatar

    Hey Carry!!

    We just got back in from recording episode 10, and holly cow, it’s going to need a lot of editing. wine+podcasting might not be a good mix. Hehe. ;)

    We talked a lot about using a portable electric fence actually. We’re very seriously look at buying one from Premier1. Does that ring a bell?? Any ideas/opinions/thoughts/experiance are appreciated. If you feel up to audio comments that would be great too.

    I hope this makes sense. :)


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