Episode 7

Even though we’re fiddling around in the barn at night, we managed to make a podcast. This week we look at the big change about to hit Indiana! We’re not sure even we can survive it, but we’ll try.

We then talk about the new lambs, and then talk about the barn, who’s in it, and what we use it for. In the life section we look at going to movies in the country, and the podcast of the week is Decoder Ring Theatre.

We need a name for our new ewe lamb that we are keeping. We are asking for names of anyone you might know who’s birthday is on March 25th. Please email them or leave a comment!


  1. Karen’s avatar

    One of my favourite American authors is Flannery O’Conner, who was born on March 25th. So, how about Flannery, or Flannie for short?

  2. Scott Grayban’s avatar

    Hmm I’m just a bit lagged on my podcast listening this week. Just listened to this podcast. Sorry……

    Congrats on the babies there. Noisy momma in the background there LOL.

    I don’t know of one 100+ year old barn that was ever kept up the way they should be. Especially if it has previous owners. A barn kept in the family for generations are usually in very good shape.

    Sounds like your barn was made by the Amish from the description you gave. Indiana has alot of Amish there and one other sect of that group.

    You should put a picture up of the barn looking at it length wise as a corner shot. Would give a better insight on the size of it.

    And as usual I enjoyed the podcast and the farm animals as the sound effects :)

  3. misty’s avatar

    Thanks Karen, I love the suggestion! I’m totally a bookworm. :)

    Scott, I think you might be right about the barn being built by the Amish. We have no proof of course. But I work in a very heavily Amish area. My employer is Mennonite. We have hitching posts in the parking lot, as do all of the local grocery stores and other establishments.

    We will try to get some pictures of the barn and the animals as time, weather, and lighting permit. I’ve been waiting to get pictures of the lambs till they “whiten up” a little.

  4. Scott Grayban’s avatar

    Must have been a busy week with no podcast since Sunday.

    Hope one is out for the weekend :)

  5. andrew’s avatar

    Hey Scott!! New one is being uploaded now. We were out of space on libsyn so that’s why I haven’t done any sound tours lately. As all the initial podcasts get archived we’ll get more space in a few days and I can upload new stuff. :)

    To libsyn’s credit I asked them to archive episode 1 and 2 since I was out of space, and on a Sunday night at 5pm they did it. That’s really cool.

  6. andrew’s avatar

    Scott: Pictures are up here. There’s a bit more than just barn pics, but it should be what you’re looking for.

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