Episode 6

A true barncast this week. Andrew speaks really fast, must be the extra caffeine in American softdrinks? Misty tries to talk over the animals.

This weeks topics:

  1. Car trip back home
  2. Cream’s milk production
  3. Wool is back!
  4. Indiana Sushi
  5. New Cat name!


  1. andrew’s avatar

    Hey thanks Scott!

    Heh, this poll is there because I couldn’t find an easy way to make the old poll go away without removing the code from the page, so the best option seemed to make a new poll, and this is the best I could up with. =) I want to make it come and go as need be, and not have a poll around all the time. Plus well the archive link is broken, and I don’t like wp-poll’s fix atm. =)

    I’m glad you like the barncast!

  2. Scott Grayban’s avatar

    Oh ya don’t know if your a sports nut but I gotta rub this in…..

    Gonzaga really put hoosiers into a bitbull bite didn’t they :P

    nanananana :)

  3. Dawn’s avatar

    I totally LOVED the barncast. I thought the background noise was pre-recorded at first. Being a city girl I had no idea a barn could be so noisy!

    Yay for Ezra! I was the one that suggested it by the way.

    I have to say that I too dislike the current poll. I want to vote for both the Farm part and the Life part. I could always vote for one at home and one at work ;o)

  4. andrew’s avatar

    Heh, Scott you made Misty and I go “huh? Did you understand that?” I guess that means we aren’t sports fans. ;)

    Hey Dawn, your prize should be on it’s way tomorrow or Wednesday. :)

    Hey Karen! I’m glad you like all the sections. :) When I left Fargo the snow on the ground disappeared pretty soon there after. When I got down to the Twin cities even more snow showed up, except twice as much. =) I’m looking forward to the growing season too. :)

  5. Ellen’s avatar


    Where did you have your wool processed at? And what breed/cross are your sheep?

  6. misty’s avatar

    Wow, where have I been? Lots of comments!

    Thanks for all of the feedback — it looks like you guys love the barncast and don’t like to choose your favorite part!

    I have to plead cluelessness about the firm and salty comments. I was honestly talking about sushi! *blush*

    Dawn, that’s funny that you thought it was pre-recorded. I thought it would be too loud! We keep hearing that everyone tries to eliminate background noise from the podcasts, and here we are adding it on purpose!

    Karen, I got the Brussels sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, and some lettuce planted. I’ll probably be talking more about the garden at my craft blog.

    Ellen, it sounds like you might have sheep! Do tell! I got the wool processed at Zeilinger’s and they did an excellent job! I have two Corriedale ewes, both of which are extremely pregnant right now.

    Dognutmom, I’m glad you found our podcast! Thanks for the topic ideas. I am sure we will talk about them in the coming weeks, because it is almost the time of year for the sheep, some of the poultry to move outside!

  7. Ellen’s avatar

    Nope, no sheep, just several dogs and a 20+ year passion with handspinning.

    I prefer to buy a raw fleece, wash it myself and then ship it to a processor. Zeilinger?s is good according to some of my other guild members. I’ve used Ohio Valley, Wooly Knob and most recently Stonehedge.

    BTW, I don’t know if you saw my comments about Alden Amos in your soap blog, but he ventures quite often into the land of opinion and treats it like fact ;)

  8. misty’s avatar

    I did see your comments! I approved them and somehow they came un-approved but I approved them again. :) I’m finally done with the book, and though he does have strong opinions, they crack me up. He’s just an old curmudgeon who also knows quite a lot about spinning, I think. :)

  9. andrew’s avatar

    Hey Dognutmom,

    Barn is pretty noisy isn’t it! Same of the animals move outside for the winter some don’t. Right now the turkeys are inside only since they can fly way too well. That makes them pretty hard to pen up.

    The goat pen for the dairy goats is part of the barn so they’ll never go to for. The boys and the does that aren’t milking will go out to pasture over the summer though. It’ll be a bit quieter, but living on a barn always has some animal noise.

    You should hear the geese. They are in the garden at the moment up by the house, and any time anyone goes outside they honk and screetch very very loudly. I’ll try and put up some audio at some point. They are the loudest animal. Our neighbors over 1000 feet away can hear them very well. Out on walks I’ve heard them a 1/2 mile away, when the wind blows right. That’s part of living out in the country.

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