Episode #4

Here is episode 4, our first “double ender.” (That sounds so bad!)

Andrew is in Edmonton, Misty is minding the homefront in Indiana.

We talk about Gallery, our new webserver, a broken well pump, goat kids, city vs. country, an auto accident.

It should be transparent to everyone, but the mp3 files are now being hosted on libsyn, but nothing else. I tried using ourmedia but my files vanished. If anyone has any problems please let us know.

Hope you enjoy it!

  1. toddtyrtle’s avatar

    What is it about Libsyn that has so many people going that way? I ask because I know that there are entire hosting companies that cost about the same and if you own your own comment (or use creative commons licensed content) archive.org will host your files for free. And their speed is quite good.


  2. andrew’s avatar

    Ah, ok. Well I wanted to get off of work’s machine, I don’t like mixing home and work.

    So I tried to use ourmedia.org which uses archive.org for the actual data storage. Problem is, my file vanished when I uploaded them. Their recovery page hasn’t turned up anything either. They have stats though. Here’s the page for episode 3.

    Archive.org seems to be missing stats. I just want to know how many people have downloaded the mp3. I’m not sure I did the upload right, it was just a test, but none the less I can’t see any stats links.

    The key is unmetered bandwidth, and stats. I don’t need much room, 100megs/month is a lot for a us. We’re 40 megs/month plus some sound seeing so libsyn at $5/month is cheap enough it’s not worth worrying about. If they don’t stay around, no big deal, we just move elsewhere. It’s not like we use them for the main site, just as data storage for the mp3’s.

    I guess I want stats just to make sure someone is listening. Heh. :)


  3. toddtyrtle’s avatar

    I find stats so addicting. Sage, on the other hand, won’t look at them at all. She has no idea how many people listen to her podcast and would be very angry if I told her. The idea being that she doesn’t want to worry about drops in circulation – particularly after speaking her mind about something contentious. For her it would be like having sponsors who’d pull their ads when you said something controversial.

    Probably more comments later – I still have to listen to this episode. I tend to forget it is in my mp3 player as I browse by genre tag looking for ‘podcast’. I like the idea, though, of your tagging it ‘country’. Very appropriate


  4. andrew’s avatar

    Sage probably has it right about the stats. Though I hope listeners have a thicker skin than that. imho, heh, if you start doing stuff to please people you’ve already lost, maybe it’s just me.

    Thanks Karen! Well still isn’t fixed, I think. :( Plus I might end up taking 3 days to get home. I feel sorry for Misty, she’s being run ragged. :(


  5. misty’s avatar

    Thanks Karen! It’s not too bad. I’ve actually decided to play a larger role in the chores after Andrew gets back. It seems like he gets more of the animal chores normally. I thnink there can be some more equitable division that has me helping him with the barn chores, and him helping me a little with keeping the house clean and gardening. I do realize now that it must be exhausting for him to have to milk twice a day etc.


  6. Paula’s avatar

    I am married to a Geek but have not geek tendencies myself. I hope I post this right.

    I really enjoy your show. I get to live on a farm vicariously.

    I thought I would say hello and tell you about a blogg I read from England. It is by a young couple who have a “Small Holding.” It is similar to yours. They both have jobs and are doing this as a hobby. I am not sure if they live completely off their land. http://www.accidentalsmallholder.net/

    Have a really great day.




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