Episode #3:

Episode number three is out! Recorded Friday night after Misty had had a few beers, and we’re munching in ice cream makes for some interesting moments. We cover this weeks animal escapes, rabbit breeding, Cream’s due date, incubating eggs, colostrum pudding, my travel plans, asian food in Indiana, etc.

Podcasts mentioned: Digital Media Cast Experiment, Zee and Zed, Cat Fish Show.

Other Sites and software: Beyond Quirky Nomads, Audacity,
CastPodder, Scott’s Web Site

Update Monday Feb 27th: I update the mp3. I fixed the id3 tags, added album art, and change the sample rate to 22.05kHz so the flash player didn’t make us sound like chipmunks. Sorry if anyone had problems.

  1. andrew’s avatar

    Here’s a picture of the dinner that we talk about in the crazy cuisine section.


  2. Scott Grayban’s avatar

    WOOT !! I got a login now :) Now I can comment here….

    I can’t wait for the next “barncast”, sound-seeing sounds umm icky ? :) I miss the sounds of a farm so much. I really enjoyed all the cast’s you have done. They really have me wishing I was back on ANY farm right now. Might have to do some web shopping and see what I can get from your farm. I see my credit card getting maxed out again LOL.

    Thanks for mentioning CastPodder. Alot of work has gone into making it.

    Good luck on all your “casting”. I have enjoyed them all so far.



  3. andrew’s avatar

    I have two, umm, yeah, barncasts recorded that I’ll work on cleaning up this week.

    I want to mix some eventually into the normal podcast, but turns out there’s some skill to doing a good tour. I had recorded the cooking of the crazy cuisine section this week, but it turned out to be mostly Misty talking about IRC and wordpress, with a wok roaring in the foreground. Heh, oh well.

    I’m glad you enjoy it. Thanks for CastPodder. Applications take a lot of work, and a lot of the time you don’t hear much positive feedback. So thanks a lot. :)


  4. toddtyrtle’s avatar

    Hi Andrew – just wanted to say “safe travels” on your way to see your dad and glad to hear he’s doing well.

    I’m going to have to get castpodder going for myself. At the moment I have SuSE 10.0 but have never really been happy with it so I’m downloading debian’s testing release as we speak. Then I get to fight with gnomad2 and then I can try to play with castpodder. Once I get the mp3 player working in linux I have no need to use Windows at home anymore. Now to convince Sage that she doesn’t need it either…


  5. Dawnzzle’s avatar

    Excellent podcast, ice cream and all!

    You guys did an excellent job of pronouncing Dawnzzle, just like swizzle. Dawn Z(ed) works too.

    Misty, you really should listen to the Zee and Zed podcats. They are fantastic.


  6. andrew’s avatar

    Hey Dawnzzle! I’m glad you enjoyed the show, and we got your name right. :) We debated about it a while. :0

    Todd: That’s great to hear you’ve had good luck. DVDs, holly cow, I do net installs for everything now, maybe that’s my problem. ;) If you run into any road blocks just let me know. Especially with the nomad, I’m not a nomad expert, but I know my way around the USB stack fairly well now. Hopefully it’ll just work out of the box.


  7. Scott Grayban’s avatar

    I did a small comparison about skype and couple other skype like programs here.

    Skype also tends to hijack /dev/dsp so I use a hack that fixes that since skype developers are to lazy to fix it.


  8. toddtyrtle’s avatar

    Andrew – for some reason the past few computers we have had have had trouble with their network cards being recognized by netinst so I was out of luck from the beginning. A while back when I used it more on a day to day I found that using the first installer CD was all I needed. After that I could change my sources file to download the rest.

    I tried mandrake before they changed their name. I liked it but not as much as I liked debian. I can’t even tell you why.


  9. andrew’s avatar

    Hey thanks Scott, we both have wengo installed now, but it just got to late to test it tonight. I made a couple out bound calls and it seems to work well.

    Todd: Maybe that’s my problem, I always want to do the net install right away and debian install always seem to be missing my NIC. Changing your apt.sources around is pretty easy at least. :)


  10. toddtyrtle’s avatar


    Exactly. I just did it all again last night. Tried the netinst CD – no luck. Put in the first Debian DVD (why I made all three I no longer know) and it recognized my NIC right away.

    So it went unbelievably smooth – gnomad2 is already in the repository for ‘testing’ and so I just selected it and it worked perfectly. Castpodder was a little trickier just because of dependencies I wasn’t aware of but that seems to be working now too.

    Thanks for helping motivate me to make the migration again.


  11. Mido’s avatar

    Your book came to NSCC library and Carolyn Jeans from HR read, then gave to me. PFS is so porwufel. I sent you a tweet before I saw the BIG talk to me button must be my 3D glasses ha-ha! Time has sure flown since you left here in ’09. I’m praying your sons are doing well. I’ll be retiring come June 30, 2013. Looking forward to being with family and friends, that is, more than just a short week-end. So very proud of you and your writings; which are amazing, inspirational, and so uplifting! Thank you for praying for strangers and writing the PFS book of encouragement. If our world only knew the power of prayer, if only so we pray! Much love and prayer I send to you,Polly


  12. Ghassen’s avatar

    Sounds good Jenn! People can listen to the platns catch bugs. Dude, I think that maybe you should get some gnarly dude to do your voice. Some manly deep voice saying Hi, this Is Jenn lol!!! That would be freekin awesome. Podcasting is something I’m interested in getting into but at the moment I’m leaning more toward the video bloggin’ side of things. SERIOUSLY! You go girl, SO lookin’ forward to the stuff you have coming up. 12-01-2010


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